Our latest salon promotion- 12 Days of Christmas at Ascend Salon

What's Happening for Christmas?

 Wow, Penticton.. Christmas was CRAZY last year...

which is why we've buckled down, expanded our team, and gotten ahead of the game. 

We are READY for Christmas, and this year we're dialing back the madness and focusing on all the good stuff!

(the good news is that this means goodies for you!)

Alright alright, so what's happening for Christmas, you ask?

Starting December 6th and going every day we are open until we close for Christmas holidays on December 22nd, we will have a daily offering for participating guests.

Check out our Facebook or Instagram to find out what the daily theme is, and come on down to take advantage of some proper perks, sweet savings and great giveaways!

We've added to our retail section!

AG Hair's Colour Care product line carried in the salon

New at Ascend: AG Colour Care

 You've invested in your hair,
but are you investing in its upkeep?
With AG's Colour Care line, we have a something for everyone. Keep your coloured hair radiant and healthy with AG's exclusive CARE (Colour And Radiance Enhancing) Complex. A unique blend of natural ingredients providing protection against UV rays, which extends the life and vibrancy of your colour.

AG Hair's Style product line carried in the salon

New at Ascend: AG Style

New to what's happening for our AG selection;
enter AG Style!
AG’s Style category has you covered. Whether your goal is to eliminate dandruff with Control shampoo or define your style with AG's full range of grooming products, we offer you everything you need for a simplified morning routine.

New Team Member Announcement!

Meet Christine!

Born in Burnaby, BC, she relocated to the USA with her family, where she has remained.. until now. Coming to us from Woodland, Washington, Christine is an experienced master stylist of 24 years- she's actually been at it longer than David has! Christine received her training in Vancouver, Washington at the age of 17, and has been doing hair non-stop ever since. "I have always loved hair... I would go to the salon any chance I could get! I actually went to beauty school when I was 16, finishing when I was 17. I pretty much have only stopped working to have my babies and make this move to Penticton." Christine is also certified with Pravana as a colourist. 

When speaking about relocating and what brought her to Penticton, Christine muses that in her thoughts of coming back, she has always wanted to live in the Okanagan valley, and Penticton was the perfect match for her and her husband to finish raising their family. 

Because Christine has been doing hair for so long, there really isn't anything, or any hair type that she can't tackle. She specializes in traditional highlights, babylights, blondes, precision cuts-her favourite being pixies and A-line cuts, and colour-corrections are her favourite. "I could do them all day long!" 

When we asked Christine what she loved about being a stylist, her answer was immediately "the people." Christine is a people person by nature, describing herself as having a "hairapist" personality- positive, cheerful and always there for her people. Like old friends, she and her clients could always pick right back up where they had left off last time. Sometimes all you need is a compassionate listening ear... and a good stylist. With a genuine love for the work she does, the clients she works on and the wide range of highly developed skills she possesses, you can really relax with Christine- she knows what she's doing and she's got your back! 

Our favourite thing about Christine was how she ended her interview questionnaire; "I love starting something, and then seeing the final outcome. I always ask, do you feel better? I love making people feel better about themselves." We don't know about you, but that's the kind of stylist that we want to have around. 

We are so excited to welcome Christine (and her family) to the Okanagan, and into the Ascend family... we know that everyone is absolutely going to love her!

Our new master stylist, Christine
Our new master stylist, Christine