AG's Reconstruct Line Is Here!

AG Reconstruct line, NEW at Ascend Salon in Penticton, BC

We were given some samples of this amazing new line from AG, and we just had to get it in stock ASAP. You will LOVE using this luxurious, delicious-smelling repair line... and most importantly, your hair will love you for it.

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Easy online booking now available at Ascend Salon, in Penticton, BC

New booking feature!


That's right.. you can now book yourself in anytime, anyplace. 

Since initially making the switch to online booking, we weren't satisfied with the slow and complicated system of our first online booking provider.. so we have busted our buns and overhauled our entire point of sale system as well as our online booking system.. we think you'll like the update. 

Happy (and best of all, EASY) booking :)

New artist on display!

Welcome, Bonnie!


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new featured artist at Ascend!
Introducing the fun and expressive work of Bonnie Thatcher.
Check out her work on display below:

We've added to our retail section!

AG Hair's Colour Care product line carried in the salon

New at Ascend: AG Colour Care

 You've invested in your hair,
but are you investing in its upkeep?
With AG's Colour Care line, we have a something for everyone. Keep your coloured hair radiant and healthy with AG's exclusive CARE (Colour And Radiance Enhancing) Complex. A unique blend of natural ingredients providing protection against UV rays, which extends the life and vibrancy of your colour.

AG Hair's Style product line carried in the salon

New at Ascend: AG Style

New to what's happening for our AG selection;
enter AG Style!
AG’s Style category has you covered. Whether your goal is to eliminate dandruff with Control shampoo or define your style with AG's full range of grooming products, we offer you everything you need for a simplified morning routine.