Trending Spring of 2020

This spring has unexpectedly brought us a series of new looks, trends, cuts, colours and accessories that have NEVER been seen or done before!



This totally customizable accessory... is NOT just an accessory, but an absolute must-have this spring! Everyone has them. Some places.. like here.. require them! The mask will undoubtedly be THE hot item of 2020.


Antisocial Behaviour

Woe to all extroverts, but hey.. being an introvert has never been better! 


Hand Washing

The trend to beat all trends.. if you aren't washing your hands, are you even paying attention? Be like the cool kids- wash your hands.


Root Stripes


This spring, root stripes are symbol of compassion, distancing followed to the letter, and good social etiquette!


Experimental Colours

A lot of people tried their own hand at hair colour these last few months.. some had more success than others.



Gone are the days of applying bronzer multiple times a day, we can tell you that.


Faded Colour

Who wants a colour refresh when you can just let your colour go on and on.... and on....


Total Hair Annihilation

Many people found that they just couldn't wait. So out came the box dye.. and out came the home bleach.. and then came the damage control to try and fix it... and now everyone is sad.
It's okay.. we do colour corrections!


Hair-Induced Shyness

Nope.. it's not just you. 



Coming in second only to masks, hats are this spring's absolute MUST-HAVE accessory.


Emotional Instability

Did you go a little crazy during your period of isolation? Did being out of work crack you up a little bit? Are you pretending to be normal, but really feeling pretty messed up? You aren't alone. Everyone has been affected in one way or another, so don't feel embarrassed. Come and be crazy with us.. we love you no matter how messy you are.


Overgrown Styles!

How many weeks has it been since YOUR last haircut? 

This spring, we have watched (from a distance) as everyone's hair gets longer.. and longer.. their wonderful style soon grown out past the point of recognition...




Buns are all the rage now for anyone who's hair has grown out past the point of no return. Common now are the "I don't even care" buns. Because what the heck else can you do with it?!


Home Bleach

In varying shades of yellow and orange, the home bleach look is very popular right now!


Bushy Hair

It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger....


Home Haircuts

Because some of you couldn't stand it any longer, home haircuts have been fairly popular, with results varying greatly..


The Quarantine Look

Who the heck has had time to care, really?! Scraggles, scruff and unkempt is very popular right now!

Keep on trending, gorgeous thing... and we'll see you soon!


It's okay. We are all feeling pretty scruffy right now, and we are all in this together.

Don't stress about your hair.. we've got your back. Keep on taking care of each other, keep on washing, distancing and remember to follow the advice from our provincial and federal health experts.