Trending Fall of 2019


What with all the great things happening in the hair world right now, we thought it would be fun to start doing a quarterly trend-report. We're super excited about what's going on in the hair world, and we just can't wait to share that excitement with you!


We're just loving this wash n' wear vibe! You're busy. We're busy. Everyone is busy!! This fall, no matter what your hair care routine is, you're guaranteed to find an aswesome cut and colour that will look great AND fit your lifestyle. Say what?!!

Sleek & Long


  We're seeing a ton of gorgeous, long, sleek, straight hair. 

Hey you with the fine hair.. now is your time to shine!

PRO TIP: Sometimes hair doesn't cooperate. Ask your stylist what products you can use to achieve that ultra-straight, fuzz-free, glossy look! 



  So what about all of us who DON'T have long straight hair?? Oh.. don't you worry, because it's not just about the long hair anymore!
We're seeing tons of bobs- blunt bobs, angular bobs, beach bobs, messy bobs, vintage bobs.. you practically can't go wrong this season. 



 Another awesome and versatile cut that's hot right now is the pixie.. wear it long, wear it short, wear it with an undercut.. the choice is yours. 



 Speaking of undercuts.. oh yeah.. that's still very much a thing. Wear it longer, wear it shorter, mess it up-there are SO MANY WAYS to rock it!  



 We're seeing lots of fades- high, medium and low, as well as line cuts and side parts for ultra-short hair. We're digging the creativity we're starting to see with hairline mods.. so if you're coming in for a buzz, why not try something different?  



 This season is all about texture, so whether your hair is long, short or somewhere inbetween.. don't be afraid to play with it! Finger waves, beach waves, bedhead.. you can't go wrong.


PRO TIP: Are you struggling to get your hair to cooperate? Ask your stylist for a product recommendation; with all the amazing professional products available today, they'll be sure to steer you in the right direction to make your styling a breeze!




We love the variety of parts going on;
center parts, side parts, parts with a line cut incorporated.. and everything in-between. If you've been wanting to switch up your part... there's never been a better time.


Modern Spikes


We're also seeing a resurgence of spikes all across the board- although they are looking much more put together than what you and I think of when we hear the word "spikes". This isn't your year 2000 spikes, people!
Check it out- you might just love it!


Bangs.. aka Fringes

Oh yes... it's time.
Long bangs, short bangs, blunt bangs, choppy bangs, wispy bangs, side bangs.. forget matching your fringe to what's in.. EVERYTHING is in. If you're not sure which fringe is best for you, ask your stylist- they can give you some good suggestions and insight to help you choose.

This season, you can basically do no wrong. You heard it! So what are you waiting for? Come and have some fun with us. If you're really not sure what you want, ask your stylist what style would work best for your hair- they can help you narrow down your options to fit your hair-type AND lifestyle! 



Because self expression is important.. which is why we're so excited about the colour trends we're seeing right now!


Shadow Roots


We're seeing a lot of shadow roots, and we're not surprised! Shadow roots are a great option for you if you aren't wanting to come in to have your roots done every three weeks.. they can extend your in-between colouring time to as long as 3 months! They also eliminate the dreaded "skunk stripe" of regrowth that can happen with traditional colouring and foiling. 

Shadow roots are an ideal option if you're wanting to go for a more natural-looking blonde, and they can be done to help you transition your coloured hair back to your natural colour. 

Alternatively, you can kick some style into your hair by pumping up the contrast, or adding a coloured shadow root- we've been seeing all different hues, so you can really get creative with this one if you like.

Next time you're in for a root retouch, ask your stylist if a shadow root would be a good option for you! You're gonna love it <3



Blonde trends are all over the place this year; ash blonde, ice blonde, honey blonde and of course.. balayages and babylights galore. Cool, warm.. it doesn't matter this season, so take advantage of this versatile time and experiment with your blonde! 

About Us




How great is it to be a redhead right now?!
We've got just about every kind of red there is making a splash this fall- strawberry blonde is coming back full force, as well as plenty of copper reds. Auburn is also a big deal right now.. which is great, because it tends to last longer than your brighter reds.
Speaking of brighter reds.. have you heard of velvet red? Check it out.. because it's hot and it's happening right now! For those of you who have darker hair and aren't wanting to fully commit to a lighter or brighter red, why not give the mulled wine look a try?

PRO TIP: Reds have requirements!! Ask your stylist about the best home regimen to keep your reds looking their best bewtween colouring.




Whoever coined the term "boring brown" obviously didn't foresee what this fall has in store! We're seeing a lot of cool browns right now- platinum brown, light ash brown, dark chocolate.. but we're also seeing a lot of warm ones as well.. including golden brunette, honey highlights, caramel highlights and beautiful gingerbread highlights.

If you aren't sure whether you should go warm or cool, ask your stylist! They can help you narrow down your many, many options this fall! 


Can't choose?


Are you stuck between blonde and brunette?! Don't think of it as a problem, think of it as an opportunity! Enter the blended ombre. 

Seriously.. this is literally the best of both worlds, and again.. we're seeing both warm and cool versions of these gorgeous ombres.. so this colour combo can be tailor-made.

If you're really not digging the ombre look, have you heard about bronde? Bronde is the greatest thing since sliced bread right now, and it might just be exactly what you're looking for. 




BLACK is back! (Was it ever really gone?) We're seeing a real resurgence in black hair- both coloured and natural.. and we love it, especially with pops of colour added. 

We're also seeing a lot of fabulous blue blacks, which are just so rad.. we cannot even.

For those of you who like it ultra-dark and want to kick it to the next level, we have one word for you.... blackberry. 

It sounds delicious.. trust us, it LOOKS delicious.
You guys!!!! Before you give up on your black hair, heck.. before you do ANYTHING ELSE TODAY... check out your options!

PRO TIP: remember.. colouring your hair black is a big commitment- so make sure it's what you really want! Take it from us.. trying to go light again is both terrible for your hair and extremely difficult to do. Sometimes, it's not even possible. Talk to your stylist!




Hey... did we mention grey?! Because it's kinda here to stay.
Everyone is embracing the grey- whether it comes naturally or whether they need a bit more help from us to get there ;)

As for those who are tired of battling the war against your greys, why not embrace them? Grey is IN, and there are a ton of options for you out there.. just ask your stylist about transitioning to grey at your next appointment.
They do it all the time.


Funky Colours


As for you colourful ones... we haven't forgotten about you!

We're seeing a whole lot of pastels right now- particularly lilac .. and we're loving it! We're also seeing pops of coral or purple. As we've been seeing more and more over the last few years, there has never been a better time to try out those colours you've always dreamed of having!

PRO TIP: never had funky colours before? Make sure you set aside plenty of time for your appointment; unlike traditional colours, punches of colour, pastels and bright colours all require a whole lot more work than you might think. It's worth it, though! The biggest smiles we see are from those who dare to be bold.

Keep on being beautiful you... and we'll see you soon!


We look forward to bringing you more style updates in the future; we'll keep you in the style loop as we grow closer to winter. We can't wait to see what 2020 will bring!