Bonnie Thatcher

I am very happy to show some of my larger pieces at  Ascend Salon.  I hope my piece enhance the atmosphere David and Robyn have created with their organic touches.  

I have been a resident of Penticton for the past 2 and half years- since retirement from my 30 year career in commercial interiors.   

My I began my art life doing plein air of the Pacific Coast Peninsula- halfway between Powell River and Lund, BC.  My medium was an acrylic paint kit and a large piece of plywood. Without being aware and having had no training, I learned by painting the same ocean view; seeing, but not knowing, how time affects colour. 

That was in 2006, and since then my art has gone through many changes.  First and foremost, I get to paint whenever the urge arises.  My favourite style is expressionism- where colour and form meet.  In this collection, I have included one whimsical giraffe named Chloe, and a old nag named Sadie.  The larger pieces are fairly current and a bit of throwback from the coast art I started my art life doing.  

I hope you enjoy my work. 

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Interested in purchasing?

  All works displayed are for sale, prints are also available for custom orders.  All purchase inquiries can be made either via phone, email or in person at Ascend Salon.  
This artist is currently also accepting commissions!