Our current local artist on display; Robyn Smuin

Robyn Smuin

Our current artist is Robyn Smuin. Describing her style as "impressionistic expressionism", Robyn has no formal training in fine arts; rather she is a self-taught artist- her skills developed through experimentation, a bit of self-admitted stubborn perfectionism.. but also through keen observation of her surroundings and a love for all the hidden treasures in life.
Robyn jokes that her art's subject matter and style are somewhat eclectic because she "likes too many things to settle on just one". Although her paintings all differ, her works can still easily be recognized by their vivid colours and  flowing brushstrokes.

Born into an artistic family, Robyn grew up living and breathing art. Through observation of her mother's experimentation with sketching, coloured pencils and then watercolours, Robyn developed her own curiosity for mediums and enjoyed everything she could get her hands on. Her father's love for cartoons inspired many changes in Robyn's style, as well as her general interest in figures, colour and caricatures- this is something Robyn credits for her ability to capture expressions and incorporate such emotion into her work.
Robyn was later exposed to photography by her uncles, which she believes helped her develop an eye for composition and angles. It was through photography that Robyn learned about lighting, contrast, and many more attributes that have shaped the paintings she does today.
It wasn't until she was expecting her first child that Robyn found her medium- she began working on pieces of art for the nursery, and chose acrylics. From that point on, acrylics were her go-to, although she does create works in many different medias from time to time.

Robyn took a break from art, but really dove back into it in early 2017. Since then, she has painted dozens of colourful works, several of which were featured at Felts Gallery (now Mondo Creation) in downtown Penticton in May of 2017, and now several more here at Ascend Salon.
Robyn has been slowly working towards becoming a more recognized artist in the community.

Interested in purchasing?

  All works displayed are for sale, prints are also available for custom orders.  All purchase inquiries can be made either via phone, email or in person at Ascend Salon.  
This artist is currently also accepting commissions!